2021 Visual Reel


Jett Barker (any pronouns) is a British-American voice actor based in Los Angeles. They have more than 8 years of training in theatre and voice-over, and over 15 years of experience as a musician.

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Jay ChowdhuryThrough the Panels
SiriusRoyal Duality
LisaThe Remains of My Affection
BlakePoseidon’s Orb
DeLuna BinksPleasant Sparkle Academy
Nikki GordonAlea Ludo
CarinaCryptid Crew
MarysiaSong of Glass
Sabrina Weaver/Glenn PigsbyTo All the Wolves I’ve Slain
Harriet FoxHarriet Fox and the Phantom Exotica
Ventrue QuestorThe Prince of Nothing
Tiny Soldier #2The Godkiller – Chapter 1
FlintMeister High

Animation & New Media

MoraCaravan: A Tale of Gods and Men
ClarityCrescent Fire
QuinnAnime’s Got Talent

Audio Drama & Narration

Mother SorrowCelawyn’s Guide to Wilderness and Fey
Forest HermitCold Read: A Voice Actor Podcast
Vígniút/ValkyrieVoice of All
InterviewerGirl, Imperfect


Esther/JudgeAlone Together
Dael/Dael’s ShadeShade
BenjaminAnimal Farm
StephanoThe Tempest
StatueThe Hunchback of Notre Dame
EnsembleWest Side Story


Jessica BermanActing (Spoken Vocal Performance, Dialect)American Conservatory Theater
Patrick RussellActing (Michael Chekhov & Rudolf Laban focus)American Conservatory Theater
Warren David KeithActing (Theatre, On-Camera)American Conservatory Theater
Julie DouglasActing (Theatre)American Conservatory Theater
Erin FitzgeraldActing (Alexander Technique focus)Private Coaching
Tony OliverActing (Spoken Vocal Performance)Bang Zoom! Entertainment
Dorah FineActing (Spoken Vocal Performance)Bang Zoom! Entertainment
Sally ClawsonActing (Spoken Vocal Performance)Voice One
Victor TalmadgeActing (Theatre, On-Camera), DirectingMills College
Tory RossActing (Theatre), SingingMills College
Laetitia SonamiRecording Techniques, Audio EditingMills College
Sheldon SmithSound DesignMills College
Anne HegeSingingMills College
Doug DildineActing (Theatre)Diablo Valley College
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